Entertaining for all ages!

Everyone loves balloons and with a few well places twists, those balloons can become anything you can imagine! Children love to pick a colour and then watch as the balloons become animals, flowers, hats etc. etc. Hire Balloon Dog for your next party or get together!


Balloon Dog
Elizabeth Brophy - Owner
Burlington, Ontario

Delighting audiences for years

Elizabeth has been twisting balloons and delighting audiences for over five years. With gigs as diverse as the Burlington Sound of Music Festival to the Missasagua Moon Festival, you know you are hiring a professioanl who will make your party or get together a success!


Balloon Dog is based out of Burlington, Ontario. With a range covering most of the Golden Horseshoe. We also offer discounted rates for charities. Please contact us for further information.

  • Corporate

    Corporate get togethers sometimes need a little boost. How about adding a balloon artist to your next event? Nothing brightens a party like balloons and with Balloon Dog there, you'll be getting some of the best balloon art around. Don't settle for the boring clown when you can have the best.

  • Non-Profit

    Elizabeth has been twisting for non-profit fund raisers for 5 years now. Looking for a quick way to raise funds for your charity? Balloon art is a fun and appropriate choice.
    All registered charities qualify for our special "Non-Profit rates". Lower rates or percentages can be worked out to suit your needs.

  • Private

    A Birthday party for your little one? A lot of kids are afraid of clowns. At Balloon dog, we strive to provide a fun and less scary experience with "Clown Free" entertainment. Hats, swords, dogs, cats, monkeys...the list goes on and on. Looking for something unique to add to your next Birthday party? Give Balloon Dog a call!